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Cleaning Tips | Professional House Cleaning Tips in MA

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Dust, you can’t live with it and you also can’t live without it. Keeping your home dust free is virtually impossible. Dust is everywhere, and once you clean it, more comes back. Dust can be your nemesis if you require a really clean home or you can just learn to live with it. There are however several cleaning tips & tricks to keep dust at bay in your home.

Your home is full of dust. Dust is made up of dead skin cells, dust mites, dirt, pollen, fabric fibers, hair and more. Dust is an allergen and can even cause asthma attacks. Dust settles on just about everything and is attracted to rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture and more.

Best Dust Cleaning for Homes

A damp microfiber rag is your best friend when it comes to dust. Microfiber is excellent at attracting and trapping dust and dirt. You can dust your entire home with a microfiber rag and vacuum. There are many different dusting sprays and furniture polish which are always an option when it comes to dust, but a clean, damp cloth works really well without leaving any sticky residue behind.

When dusting your home, be sure to tackle one room at a time. It is a good idea to turn off fans, close windows and doors, and for a thorough dusting job, you may even want to turn off your air conditioner, as moving air will just push the dust around. Assess your room from ceiling to floor and always start at the top! No surface is safe when dust is concerned, so don’t forget ceiling fans, tops of picture frames, knickknacks, bookshelves, books, tops of cabinets, lamps and lampshades.

If using a damp cloth to dust, be sure to shake out and rinse clean when your rag gets dirty. For hard to reach areas like corners of ceilings, door molding and ceiling fans use a synthetic duster with a long handle. Be sure to vacuum all upholstered furniture, under couch cushions and under furniture; it’s also a good idea to vacuum your mattress! Shaking out blankets, bedding and area rugs will help cut down on dust! Dusting your floor last is always best since dust will settle during cleaning.

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